Innovative events in a Changing World!

Pure Mission


By living and working with passion and by making several positive connections create a broad and reliable platform for individuals and companies which are engaged in the path for them as Dharma (*).

These compounds provide the right energy and creating the appropriate events.

Purity Events provides a contribution to this end by organizing (public) events, lectures, workshops and festivals with (inter) national speakers. Everyone gets a chance to get closer to the purity and will go live from the core, the heart.

> Personal freedom comes through conscious choice š

The great dream of Purity Events is setting up a shelter for children and (possibly) parents. In such a house feel all children feel safe, valued and promoted freedom and parents feel understood and supported. Children can "child."
To make this dream a reality, it is important to enter the correct links to the best of his or her field. Thus, at the time that this dream has become reality, to work with the best therapists, trainers, nutrition coaches and advisors.
A place where coaches, creative therapists, trainers and mentors playfully their passion may exhibit. A place where everyone in his way warm, feel at home and safe.

Of these developments, we keep everyone informed. In view of these connections, we are always open to good ideas and suggestions. Do we hear such a good idea then this quite like yours, preferably by email, [email protected]

* (In general, it is believed that a person who lives in accordance with the Dharma, the purpose of his existence has reached or will reach. Source )

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