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Together Strong

The Power of Together Strong Unity

The power of Together Strong is immense. When everyone works with passion and do what he / she does best, this will immediately be reflected in what is offered. In short: Together Strong Indulging in Unity!

With this philosophy seeks Purity Events Partners based on `Equality` which we ensure that joint manifestations prove true dreams and we thrive in" Unity ".
An event organized by and / or with Purity Events guarantees success, passion and purity.

  • 2Inspirit
  • Cok van der Lee
  • Club Lite
  • Crystal Skull Center
  • Mattijs Gritters Doublet
  • Fine Wijntjes
  • Food 4 Inspiration
  • Frontier Bookshop
  • Heart4Earth
  • Mangala
  • Master Care
  • Ode
  • Rishis
  • Success Guide
  • Want2Know

"From the Heart of Light for All" is and remains the motto of 2Inspirit, an organizer for small and large events. Together with Arco Green Field Purity organizes events in 2011 and 2012 some very special events including David Icke and James Redfield. And there are more to come!

Cok van der Lee
Cok van der Lee is a good friend and business partner. Besides its beautiful, honest and pure angel products, you can hire him as assistant manager for events. Besides the necessary energy work, Cok know also consulted with earthly tasks. We speak from experience when we say that we recommend you do this. Cok is a hard working, healing and reliable partner with many qualities.
On the website of Cok everything a Personal Reading Angels, Angels Card Tights, Group Reading, House / space purification and his beautiful angels products.

Mattijs Gritters Doublet
Member of the event agency in the field of events in which equivalence is high priority.
Most projects which come in the path of Purity Events are done in cooperation with Equality.
Years of experience as a project manager at Cap Gemini has contributed to the specialization of Mattijs grafted on process management and his vast knowledge and experience in the field of IT and engineering.
Mattijs is a hardworking business partner with the heart in the right place. An indispensable link in the whole.

Fine Wijntjes
Fine wines is an initiative of Kees and Henk van der Pol.
Both brothers have a very good job and from his passion for wine and charity launched Fine Wijntjes.
Kees van der Pol also does a lot of volunteer work for Purity Events.
The proceeds of Fine Wijntjes goes overwhelmingly to charity. These targets are carefully selected. When you drink wine from Fine Wijntjes you also go for an excellent value for money.
Today delivers Fine Wijntjes organic wines! Please feel free to contact us for further information.
("Fine Wijntjes" are in all price ranges, sizes and configurations available. For more information send an email to [email protected] , And the subject Fine Wijntjes.)

Food 4 Inspiration (Nadia Framework & Serge Feldman)
Nadia Framework is a powerful healer and promoter.
She has many qualities and besides the fact that it is a warm intense personality, Nadia is someone Purity Events badly to work with. Her clear and open view of things, ensure the right choices and sublime energy during an event.

Mangala Spiritual Gift Shop (Sabine Kuvener)
Sabine Kuvener is a very special and inspiring lady. Its exclusive look at beauty provides a range of "spiritual" products that has been compiled with great care and love.
Mangala: "That which seeks the happiness and prosperity."

Ode has Purity Events in association with Bliz Events Heart Events and a number of events organized in 2009.
Ode is an optimistic organization with an inspiring team intelligent people.

Rishis (Saskia Bracket)
Rishis is the club for free souls. The founder Saskia Bracket is a very reliable and loving partner, friend and also a healer.
Rishis and Purity Events have organized a number of events with very special speakers, including Anodea Judith.
We also have a number of special products for our joint and very healing trip to India will discover which are in the shop order. For more information send an email to [email protected] with the subject: "Healing journey".

Upcoming events in Co Creation
The next time we will create a lot of events co- including; Kiesha Crowther, David Wolfe, David Kock, David Icke, James Tyberonn, James Redfield, Daniel Vitalis Crystal Skull Event, Johnathan Goldman, David Wilcock & many others ...

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