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Rishis Full Moon - Tuaca Kelly


Op vrijdag 9 maart volle maans feest in de sprookjesachtige Vondelkerk met medium, sacred healer Tuaca Kelly:  The Wisdom & Compassion of Discernment. Deze avond beginnen we met een bijzondere presentatie en een 'grouphealing event' met  zogenaamde transmissions van Tuaca Kelly. Zij heeft een healing methode ontwikkeld 'The Alignment' en is oprichter van de Alepha Temple.  Na Tuaca Kelly om 20.30 Party met o.a  DJ Esta Polyesta en Schaamteloos DJ's.

The choice to embrace reality is a brave yet illuminating one. It demands maturity, awareness, patience and resilience. Though the criteria are high, the choice to be conscious appeals to the healthy intellect and rewards the ardent inquisitive with the abilities to intuitively discern, experience authentic compassion and live wisely. When practiced these abilities become living qualities that transform heated condemnation to understanding, self-sabotage to support, and confusion to transparency. With such a healthy scope and love potential in the world, it is a wonder how pandemonium began in the first place?

In all dimensions there are energies, entities and circumstances with varied intentions, not all of them benevolent or peaceful. By ignoring or inviting the negative or harmful ones, individuals are making themselves or others vulnerable. They may feel confined in fear, entrenched in mixed-messages, anxious in survival mode or otherwise small. By neglecting the ‘bad’, individuals are removing themselves from multidimensional responsibility and stifling their own path to freedom. In essence: they are subtly, albeit unintentionally, choosing to be a victim. Thankfully, there is also the opportunity to grow, making expansive health and presence our consistent selection.
This interactive presentation and transmission will be liberating and empowering, providing participants with useful insight to consciousness, the choices we make and how we make them.
About Tuaca Kelly:
Tuaca Kelly is born to inspire! She’s a divinely guided, gifted and innovative professional that began developing her natural abilities of intuitive perception and sacred healing touch in early childhood. Dedicated to assisting others in realizing their full dynamic potential, and to assume the joy of responsibility, Tuaca has served thousands. Her practical, personable and integrative style reflects the intricate multidimensional aspects of all life.    As a master healer and teacher incarnate,  Tuaca is intrinsically connected with the sacred fields of creation that inform the natural, musical and mathematical patterns that engender life itself. Tuaca, while honoring the free will and journey of the soul, has the capacity to clear, restructure and align the divine blueprint. Her 6D transmissions communicate to each person’s multidimensional body giving it instructions to self-correct, heal, evolve and be free – as well as connect to their own potential. Tuaca is the  Developer  of  The Alignment   and  Founder  of  Alepha Temple .
About The Alignment:
Where quantum science, consciousness-of-spirit, love and life purpose converge, miracle happen. The Alignment is an experiential multidimensional group-healing event designed to assist in realizing your full dynamic potential and connect you with your divine awareness. The Alignment was developed by Tuaca Kelly, born form her 30+ years practice as a master healer and teacher, medical intuitive, spiritual medium and channel.


Consults & Massages (vanaf 5 €, 15 minuten)

  • Sonja Beyering, Matrix Matcher, Maya Consult
  • Arjan van Mulligen, Shiatsu Massage
  • Dirk Heslenfeld , Rebalancing Massage
  • Martin Regelman, Massage
  • Roel van Bekkum, Tarot
  • Nelleke Aulman, Talent inzicht (Tarot & Coaching)

Locatie : Vondelkerk Vondelstraat 120 Amsterdam
Datum : vrijdag 9 december
Tijd :  18.30 - 01.00  (welkom 18.30, lezing 19.00, party 20.30 en 0.30 einde)

Tarieven (je kan niet apart boeken voor de lezing)
Full Program: 45 € (start 19.00)
Party: 12,50 € (start 20.30)
@door party 15 € en full program 50 €

Je ontvangt zodra je hebt betaald een bevestiging dat is je ticket. Neem je bevestiging mee, je naam staat ook bij aanvang op de lijst.

Drank en hapjes (soep, broodjes zullen verkocht worden) op eigen kosten.

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